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Gear Girl: Protect Your Tech in Style

Tech gadgets abound in most of our daily lives, but how do you keep them safe AND looking chic? I asked some of the web's most stylish mommas what they use to protect their tech. Here's how these trend-setters keep their gadgets looking gorgeous. (Have a tech case you love? Let us know in the comments!)


Nicole Feliciano, founder and Editor-In-Chief of Momtrends


"To protect my tablet, I use this Lands' End needlepoint cover. I love the old-school look!"


Asha Dornest, founder of ParentHacks and co-author of Minimalist ParentingEnjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less.


"I use an iPhone cover from uncommon -- I love it because it features a local artists' beautiful work. It's slim and easy to hold, but it's also durable enough to withstand drops (believe me, my iPhone has had a few)."


Erin Loechner, owner of Design for Mankind and Design for Minikind

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"I don't have one I love love, but I've been eyeing this Sparkle Stripe iPhone case. It's the perfect piece to welcome springtime with open arms!"


Liz Gumbinner, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech


"For my iPad, I alternate between two cases. The Belkin YourType Folio is fabulous for short trips when I don't want to drag around my MacBook but know I have typing to do. Day to day though, I am a major evangelist for my Seth Aarons for Maroo iPad case. I originally bought it for its style--I have the black and white Union Jack-inspired design from this Project Runway winner--but it turns out it's incredibly thoughtfully designed. The tablet clips in securely, it's got an internal pocket for a few business cards or papers, and the cushy exterior actually offers a lot of protection. I looooove this case!"


Ali Wing, founder of Giggle


"Love my orange, fuchsia and red striped Kate Spade Kaleidoscope Stripe iPhone case. I just love the colors and design!"


As for me, I've been loving my Lifeproof nüüd case for the iPad. It truly lives up to its name - water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof, shock-proof - in other words, kid-proof. But at the same time, it looks sleek enough that I don't mind using it for work or pleasure. A chic, sleek, kid-proof iPad case. Perfect.


What are your favorite cases to protect your tech?

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