Fitting Yoga Into Your Mom Life

Getting time to work out isn't as easy as it used to be. When I start planning out my week (I use a digital calendar AND a white board), I start with family obligations. First the girls' stuff goes in - teacher conferences, doctors appointments, music and sports. Then I add in Mr. Momtrends travel schedule. Next goes in Momtrends work. What's left? Not much. But with what's left I make sure to schedule in my workouts. I want to share some tips for fitting yoga into your mom life.

Tips for fitting yoga into your mom life

1. Find a studio that works for you. Location is the most important. If it's not convenient you won't go. I love Yoga Vida in DUMBO, it's right by my office and my home and they offer a ton of classes. They have a great app to check out classes an book on my phone. Last week we hosted our NYC blogger friends in Manhattan at the Yoga Vida studio near NYU. The studios are flooded with light and full of gorgeous touches like the chalk artwork that greats you at this studio.

2. Go with friends. Find a workout buddy. I am planning to host this monthly yoga sessions to make sure my influencer peers can get in a workout with friends who don't judge, just support. Find a friend who is also trying to make room for health and swap schedules and make it happen.

3. Find your favorite instructors. Arlynn led out class and she was helpful with adjustments. She gave clear instructions and created a great flow. Once you find a good teacher mark your calendar accordingly.

4. Cute workout gear goes a long way. This gear is from Peach. More on that below.

5. Try an app. If you can't get to a class, bring the class to you. There are some great videos on YouTube as well as apps. I just found out about Exhale On Demand, exhale’s new streaming video platform, offers the same great sweat as their signature in-studio classes – including Barre, HIIT and Yoga.  Use these tips to help you set up a yoga studio at home.

Here's a sample yoga video

I know it's not easy mama. Keep trying to make your schedule work for you. I know it's fleeting, but when you find that balance take a moment to savor it. The shift will happen soon enough.

What I'm Wearing to Yoga

It's affordable workout. I'm crazy about this new yoga pant. The West End Pant ($98) is new for fall. It's got a nice thick cotton blend that smooths the form and has loads of room for movement.

I'm a big fan of the Vista yoga bra. It's got plenty of support and is the sleek base I need for my practice. I wore the Alina hi-lo tank over top. I love the sleek selections at Peach - they are the perfect athleisure partner for my busy life.

Shop the Peach collection here

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Fitting Yoga Into Your Mom Life

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