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With summer comes long days at the beach and lounging by the pool. But as moms it also means that we always have to have our bags packed with essentials, snacks, clothing - and really, everything else. One of our favorite looks for summer is the Straw Bag and we uncovered some of our favorites.

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Best Straw Bags for Summer

Our Favorite Straw Bags for Summer

There's a perfect straw bag for every budget. This summer style essential is perfect for moms thanks to the light weight fabric and the versatile designs. We've picked lots of sizes and styles to help you find the perfect match.

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  1. Floral Tote. The perfect accessory for a day of sand and surf, this jute tote bag is lined and has a bright floral pattern that will fit right in with your sunny disposition. ($149) Get it at Chico's here. 
  2. Carrie Forbes This cute bag has a little pop of pink. Designed in a petite rectangular silhouette, it's made of woven raffia. Tuck your room key and phone inside and zip it up for a night out. ($96). Get it at Saks here.
  3. mar Y sol: I love this chic bucket bag. It reminds me of a sand pail. It's a tiny little bag for going out when you are some place warm and fabulous. ($119) Get it at Bloomingdale's here.
  4. Oval Top Handle: This structure of this bag is so cool. Designed with an open top compartment, it offers ample space for your belongings while providing easy access to them, and it comes with a flat bottom that makes it perfect to place on tabletops. ($30) Get it at Target here.
  5. Daisy Bucket Bag: I'm completely charmed by this swell straw bag. How sweet are these daisies! and is just big enough for your essentials. Fully-lined with cream drawstring insert ($88). Get it on Anthropologie here.
  6. Straw Beach Bag with Tassels. This bag is you perfect plane companion, it features a zip closure to prevent items from falling out of the bag. It's also big enough to fit your book, sunglasses, phone and water. ($28) Get it on Amazon here. (note this is an Amazon Affiliate Link)


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