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Dress for Hot Weather

When you head to Arizona in the summer you need a plan for how to dress for hot weather. This look started with a hat and went from there. If you care about protecting your face from the sun, you need a great hat. I'm rounding up some cute Panama hats to get you through summer.

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Dress for Hot Weather

History of the Panama Hat

The Panama hat started in Ecuador. It was first made of palm leaves (which were readily available). Nowadays they are fashioned from straw. They are known for being light and breathable, which make them perfect for summer travel.

Hat styling Tips

I'm wearing a classic Panama hat from J.Crew. In Arizona, the sun is no joke. All the girls on this trip to the Canyon Ranch had a strong hat game going on. The temps soared to well over 100 degrees. This one was woven by hand in Ecuador. The lightweight palm is idea to shade your face and protect your skin.

To style it, I simply swept my hair into a tidy low ponytail. Perfect for travel or a hot day when you need protection. Bonus: You don't really have to style your hair.

Cute Panama Hats to Get You Through Summer

Cute Panama Hats

To help you pick the perfect hat, we're sharing our picks for classic hats that will look great and protect you from the summer heat. All the picks are under $75.

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  1. FURTALK Sun Hat: This offers UV UPF 50+ and is foldable making it ideal for packing for the beach. This one comes in six colors ($26). Get it on Amazon here. (note this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  2. Classic Panama hat from J.Crew: This one is stiffer (which is great for style points with a nice wide black band. ($79). Get it from J.Crew.
  3. Physician Endorsed: This offers UPF 30+ , the company was founded in  by designing dynamo Elissa Margulies and husband, Michael Ross, Physician Endorsed provides a chic, modern option to UV protection.($57) Get it at Bloomingdale's here.
  4. Etsy Panama Straw Rancher: I love the wide brim straw rancher with tailored hat band and woven design. ($54). Get it on Etsy here.
  5. The Sun Straw Hat: Made of real straw, this hat features a woven trim on the crown in white, teal, and blue. Have a little fun when you pair this hat with a jeans and tunic combo or wear it on your next beach trip. ($59.50) Hat get it at Chico's.
  6. Packable Rancher: While the aqua hue caught my eye, I am really sold on the foldability of this splendid hat. ($60) Get it on Anthropologie here.
Dress for Hot Weather

A Simple Summer Outfit

How do you accessorize an easy summer outfit? Simply and lightly. I picked a cuff from Stella & Dot and my classic gold Birkenstocks. My theory? When you are wearing a hat, it's best to keep it simple. I'm wearing a classic t-shirt (an essential for your summer wardrobe). This one from Splendid is from my spring capsule. I've styled it so many ways and with so many outfits.

The skirt was picked up a the cabi Scoop event last month. I was able to shop the sample sale and this skirt from the spring 2016 line is wonderful for travel.

And here's a look at my stylish friends--many of them jumping on the hat trend. 

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