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Eeewww. That's what I thought when I looked at traditional highchairs. So much plastic. So many horrible colors. So many insipid prints. These monsters would swallow up any style that had previously existed in the dining area.

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Two nifty entrants on the scene have changed that. The HiLo chiar from Age (above) literally turned my expectations upside down. Made of wood and plastic, the duo height chair can work for kids 6 mos to 6 years. The plastic seat is easy to clean and looks cool in four modern colors (orange, green, red and tan). The seat flips to two different heights: a toddler setting and a baby setting. There's a tray for baby to use on the lower setting. Since it's on wheels, when set for a toddler it slides right up to the table for a toddler to join the family meal. $395 on yoyashop

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Tired of angles? You'll love the round Nest highchair from Mozzee. Once again this chair works until age 6. The bubble seat has a removable tray (see right) and can be converted into a toddler seat. The soft contours of this plastic seat make it a cinch to clean--there aren't any crevices to trap food and goo. Four Andy Warhol-ready colors are perfect for a bright and contemporary home. Check it out on Minijake $575.

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