Watson's Base Layers

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I'm just back from a weeklong ski trip to Utah. Though we had sunny skies most days, we still needed great base layers as we headed to the mountains. The girls and I tested Watson's base layers to keep us toasty.

As a Ski Mom, I know the right gear makes all the difference in the world. I don't skimp on ski socks or base layers. Sure you COULD go cheap. Go ahead, wear your plain 'ole cotton leggings and sports socks. See if you like the whining. Or you could be smart and invest in the right stuff to keep everyone warm, dry and happy in the winter.

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I took the Performance set ($50 for both a top and bottom) with me to Utah and loved it. The Watson's layers were ideal for outdoor sports where you rev up your heartbeat. These are 85% poly and 15% spandex with a mock neck and 3D high intensity heat transfer. The girls had the same items---just shrunken to fit them. The blended fabric is designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Theses slipped on easily and were sleek and trim--they are great first layers when you know you'll be quite active.

On the coldest days, we used the Double Layer (60% cotton 40% poly). These pieces are made to keep you super warm when you need it. Softer than the performance-these have a cozy pajama-like feel. The Double Layer pieces are made to trap air between the layers to form a thermal barrier. Both the girls and I tested out these on the chilliest days. I tried the Heather Charcoal color with pink trim and the girls the Bright Purple. Women's pieces are $25 each for a top or bottom. Girls/Boys are $15.

I'm so glad to have discovered this brand. We've got a few more cold days on the calendar and I know that next winter we'll be perfectly outfitted for the snow storms and ski hills.

This is not a sponsored post. Samples were provided for review.

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