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Year in Review: 2014 Rocked!

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It was a very good year. I'm sitting beside a roaring fire with snow falling and taking a moment to bask in the glow of not just the fire, but also the glow of a successful small business. This was a HUGE year for Momtrends. The most exciting part was probably buying a second website. 

In the blog world, one gets to meet some amazing people. The major coup of 2014 was meeting SJP.


The 3rd Annual Fashion Forward Conference gave me the opportunity to interview Christy Turlington about her non-profit


Self-promotion can start to get on everyone's nerves. We have tried to build the community by organic sharing and quality content. But it's sure nice to be recognized as a business leader. I was incredibly honored to be interviewed by CAbi’s President and Chief Culture Officer, Kimberly Inskeep for the Huffington Post.

15 for 30

Hitting 50,000 twitter followers was a nifty social media goal to meet, but I was more excited to see the fruits of my labor when volunteering at with my team. 


Press trips can be a great place to connect with brands and bloggers, I was fortunate to get to cover some amazing properties this year: Deer Valley, The Canyons, A Disney Cruise and Copper Mountain. But I think the magical time in Caneel Bay will be one for the blogging scrapbook.


Video has been huge for us this year. Our community watched our videos more than 350,000 times in a year. I've definitely been paying attention to what works on YouTube: Cute babies, fashion and helpful gear reviews. Expect more in 2015!

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Events are always a highlight for us. Sherri our Event Manager pulled off some amazing events. In addition to our NYC-based blogger events, Sherri hit the road for a USA Swimming Event with Dara Torres in California--we love expanding our coastal appeal.


New this year was the virtual party. Michelle hand-picked some amazing party planners to help develop this program call "It's A Party!" Really, it should be called, "It's A Success!" because the readers love these inspiring posts--my favorite of the year was the Circus Themed Baby Shower.


Speaking of babies, Serena Norr our Managing Editor had one! We threw her a virtual shower and met her charming 3rd daughter this year. 

Serena is leaving us this January--she will be missed and has be hugely responsible for our continued growth. Here's to an amazing 5 years Serena.


Our marketing mavens, Brooke and Kristin, were swamped this year with sponsored programs and outreach (note my mother Marcia keeps the books and runs the satellite office in MD--without her the empire would crumble!). We hired HUNDREDS of bloggers to produce compelling content this year. The Dove Chocolate Mother's Day Craft projects they came up with BLEW ME AWAY! This holiday we scored another one--a Garth Brooks giveaway. I kind of think you've arrived when Garth Brooks knows your website!


I keep trying to get Kate Bayless to move to NYC (or at least get her here once!). She's 100% responsible for the awesome Family Ski Guide. Look for more stand-alone Issuus in 2014.


What else? In addition to generating amazing reading lists for us, our book editor, Jen Vido will be working on some exciting projects in 2015. I can't wait for her author chats to start. And look for lots more beauty and fashion posts from Kristin Swenson. I consider myself to be surrounded by intelligence and I promise to keep trying to dazzle you in 2015.


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