Momtrends Summit

Team Momtrends Summit

You've got to invest in your dreams. As Momtrends Media celebrates 8 years, we took time to celebrate our successes and look to the future.

We gathered our team (10 amazing women) for a 2-day summit in New York City. The Summit was meant to be part team building and part business planning. As a small-ish business, I watch our budgets closely. Investing in my team just makes great sense.

We kicked things off in Battery Park for rooftop drinks and welcome remarks at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at the Conrad Hotel. How about these popsicle drinks with prosecco. Yes, please.

popsicle drinks

After the welcome drinks, we headed to mini golf for the 1st Annual Golf Tournament. Mandy was the winner in a two-hole putt-off.

Minature Golf Challenge Winner

The next day we dug in deep! Starting with a workout at Peloton. Everyone was asked to push past her comfort zone. Thanks to an awesome instructor and a great music set, we left the class pumped!

Peleton Ride

Time for presentations! Our team members broke down the topics and challenged us all to think both about big picture and the details. We decided that visuals are so, so important. Look for enhanced imagery in the next year! We talked Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and building a stronger community. A huge thanks to Sarah Conley and Amy Schmittauer for the awesome presentations.

Guest Speakers at Summit

We earned a great dinner. So we headed to Saleya in Tribeca. It was a chance to recap the day and strategize on how to move forward.

Here were my top four takeaways;

Images Matter: If you don't grab the reader in the first 30 seconds all is lost.
Say Thank You: To our readers and our advertisers. It's more important to keep our current community happy than to grow the business.
Be Brave About the New: Look at Periscope as a new friend, not the enemy
Go Home: We're at the whims of the social media CEOs at Facebook, Twitter, etc. They can change the algorhythms, what they can't change is how our sites looks and our excellent community.

Farewll Dinner Saleya

Time to put our learnings into action. We had a HUGE video shoot the next day. Look for the trend videos on our YouTube channels soon. GlamSquad prepped the team to make them look gorgeous on video.

glam squad

And a huge thanks to Alouette Cheese for the yummy snack at the video shoot!

glorious cheese basket

We can't wait to share everything we dreamed up. Know this--we care deeply about this space and all our readers. What do you want to see from us in the next year?

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