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Happy dance. iBlog thinks I am an expert! iBlogmagazine.com has interviewed some of my favorite bloggers. They have created a dedicated space where professional women bloggers can connect with social media experts, national brand social media executives, agency and PR Firm representatives and internet marketing specialists. It's a great place to be for anyone looking to dive deeper into social media. Now I've got a new Top Blogger feature and video interview with Sami Cone.

In my 30-minute interview we go over the long winding road to success. Here's what we cover:

What “dumb luck” & “great timing” had to do with my start in blogging (1:13)
How much I made vs. how much time she spent in her early years of blogging (4:05)
The key that changed my business (5:29)
The most common mistake most bloggers make (10:02)
How to automatically increase your level of professionalism (13:40)
What it takes for me to work for free now (14:45)
The worst thing brands can do when working with a blogger (20:32)
Trends in niches, particularly fashion (24:31)
How to land a national media gig (26:43)

It's great to be given a platform where I can dig a little deeper and spend time on the topics that really matter. I love sharing what I've learned in my 8-year career. Now here's the question: Are you ready to get serious about blogging? Become an iBlogMagazine Insider today!

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