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Dealing With Sleep Woes

We all know how important a good night's sleep is, but it's often elusive during the busyness of the holidays - for parents and kids alike. Today I'm tackling a few of the common sleep woes we've been dealing with in our house lately - hot sleepers, nightlight lovers vs nightlight haters, and teaching toddlers when it's time to wake up and go to sleep.


Do you have any of these sleep issues in your house?

Problem 1: A Nightlight for One


My three boys share a room which has a lot of benefits. But recently we've come across an issue where my oldest son finds a nightlight distracting at night while my middle still wants one. We've found a solution with the new Dream Buddies from Cloud B. Dream Buddies are small, cuddly personal nightlights that ease nighttime fears by projecting a soothing array of stars. This works great with out bunkbed situation, allowing my middle to have some light while he goes to sleep without disrupting the other boys. The light can be projected in three colors - amber, blue or green - or the option to cycle through all three colors. The automatic 45-minute timer means I don't need to come in to turn it off and then the room is eventually dark for sleeping, something most pediatricians recommend. In addition to the Puppy, Dream Buddies are also available in a Bunny, Sheep, or the slightly larger Twilight Buddies which come in Sheep, Giraffe, Unicorn, Palomino, Pegasus, Bunny, Fox, Alligator, Hippo, Bee, Dragon and Hedgehog.

Problem 2: The Hot Sleeper

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One of my boys is always hot. He hates to wear pants or long sleeves and lives the majority of the year, January through December, in shorts and a t-shirt. Not surprisingly then, the idea of getting cozily buried under a pile of sheets and comforters for bed does not sound enticing to him. He's constantly complaining of being too hot at night and throwing off his covers. We've tried to remedy this with by removing his sheet and just using a down comforter with a washable duvet cover. Down is designed to help moderate your body temperature, keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. We've also been trying out a the new BG-X Kids Performance Pillows from BedGear. This pillow has two unique features: 1) the material is designed to wick away heat and moisture and keep air flowing to ensure a cool night's sleep. 2) The curved design of the pillow positions your child's head in proper sleeping alignment and it means there isn't extra pillow to add additional bulk and heat in the bed. Choose from three colors - white, blue or grey - and use the handy sizing guide based on your child's weight and sleeping preference (side, stomach or back) to choose from the three pillow sizes. My son has really enjoyed this pillow and noticed that it's much more breathable that a traditional one.

Problem 3: When to Wake Up


Teaching a toddler when it's okay to get up and when it's time for bed can be tricky. Add in things like daylight savings changes and holiday party schedules and it's no wonder they are confused! One tool we've been trying out is the Stay Asleep Hedgehog. Now I know what you're thinking - a hedgehog isn't the first animal that comes to mind when you think cozy and cuddle. But THIS hedgehog must use conditioner because he is down right downy! The three-in-one Stay Asleep Hedgehog works as a nighttime sound soother, a nightlight, and a sleep trainer. Developed in conjunction with the Sleep Lady, Kim West, the toy has a soothing lullaby loop and a soft belly nightlight that play for 45 minutes to help tots fall asleep. Unlike some of the Cloud B's other products, the Stay Asleep collection is completely plush on the outside, with no external plastic parts. If the child wakes up at night or rises too early in the morning, a motion-sensor in the toy re-activates the lullabies for 23 minutes to soothe your little one back to sleep or remind them that it's not quite time to get up. Finally, parents can set a designated wake-up time when a cheery wake-up song and color turn on for 23 minutes to help your child transition to morning. Great for naps or bedtime, kids who have trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, or getting up in the morning.

Here's to a restful night's sleep for the whole family!

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