Martin Luther King Weekend is traditionally one of the biggest and busiest ski weekends of the year. Since we're all about having "snow much fun" here at Momtrends, I've put together a guide to help you navigate this weekend. I call it the "Ski Moms Guide to Avoiding Crowds and Dominating the Slopes on MLK Weekend." 


Reserve Your Gear Early

I've been telling folks for months to plan ahead and get a season pass. If you did, skip ahead to getting gear and lessons. If you don't have a pass, go online and book lessons, gear and lift tickets. If you are traveling, use Ski Butlers to get your gear delivered to your condo, Airbnb or hotel. 

Use this link to save 10% on your Ski Butler reservations.

Momtrends Tip: Now is the time to measure your kids and get the correct height and weight and SHOE size to give the rental dept. 


How Kids Can Ski Free in Utah

If you have a school age kid, there are 10 states where they offer free skiing! Do a little research before you fly or drive out to your resort. Utah is one of our favorite spots to ski as a family and kids in 5th and 6th grades can ski free with the Ski Utah Passport. Nope, you don't need to be local, you just need to apply before you get there. 

Click here to get your Ski Utah Passport

And while you can't get and Epic Pass any longer, you can still score a Mountain Collective pass.  The Indy Pass is also still on sale. 

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Cross-Country Skiing in the Mountains of Vermont

Go Nordic and Skip the Lift Lines

The Saturday of MLK weekend can be crazy busy. Have a plan B. Why not skip the crowded lift lines and consider Nordic skiing (it's also called cross country skiing). If you haven't tried this sport, make this the year you do. It can be a great workout or a completely chill way to take in the scenery. Check out this article on our Top 5 Places to Cross Country Ski in the Mountains of Vermont.

Consider a Day Trip

If you live in the Tri-State area, there are more than a dozen mountains that can be "done" in a day. Head here to see the picks for teaching your tots to ski near NYC. If you live in Vermont, our Family Ski Guide has some great day trip options too.


Cook at Home

It's going to be nuts at every single restaurant this weekend. Make reservations for those special meals (like this yurt dinner at Big Sky or this Sleigh Ride dinner at Sun Valley) and for everything else, try to cook simple hearty meals at home. Start with these 15 No Fail Chili Recipes. Then head over to our Slow Cooker Pinterest board for more ideas. Work up a full shopping list and check what supplies you'll have in your condo. 

Momtrends Tip: We always bring along a few spices from home and a few Tupperware containers for leftovers --condos never seem to have these things.

Now go have fun!

Follow this tips and you are bound to create some awesome memories on the slopes. And it should be said, MLK deserves to be honored in however you opt to spend your long holiday. Please don't forget all his sacrifices to help the Civil Rights movement (maybe it's a good time to read this guest post on Diversity on Snow).


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