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As an avid skier, I know the importance of strength and flexibility. In addition to playing on the mountain, I make sure to add in workouts off the mountain to keep me fit and healthy. Yoga is important because it helps develop my balance as well as my flexibility. I'm sharing the best YouTube Yoga videos for skiers. These are free resources to add into your workout routine. 

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Best YouTube Yoga Videos for Skiers

I've been working out at home more due to the pandemic, and I've found that there's a wealth of great FREE content on YouTube that's perfect for skiers. To save you time and effort, I've rounded up some terrific videos to add to your pre-and post-skiing routine.

Essential Home Yoga Gear

Essential Home Yoga Gear

  1. Yoga Mat: This classic yoga mat is great for all types of fitness and exercise routines including yoga, pilates and any floor exercise where additional cushion and support is appreciated. Very thick and cushiony!
  2. Yoga Blocks: Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength. 
  3. Yoga Strap: Tumaz yoga strap is a simple, non-elastic band that provides extra stability and flexibility to stretching, yoga, therapy, workout, and more.
  4. Balance Ball: This 65cm balance ball works great behind a desk in the office as well as at home as a yoga or stability workout ball.
  5. Yoga Wheel: This back roller is designed to help you relieve back pain. Use the back wheel as a stretcher for pain and muscle tension along the spine in your upper back, lower back and neck.
  6. Yoga Blanket: Super soft, breathable, and easy to carry - choose your colors and mix for your workouts!
  7. HydroFlask Water Bottle: Stay hydrated in style.
  8. Heel Blocks: Besides squats, these blocks can also use as a slant board for calf stretching before/after exercise. It is perfect for people who have tight calves.
  9. Yoga Bolster: The perfect companion to any restorative practice.

And if you need to upgrade your leggings, Alo Yoga makes our favorite leggings. Gear.

Pre-Ski Warm-Up Videos

If teachers often annoy you with jibber-jabber, you'll love this talk-free video. Welcome to your 15 Minutes Full Body Stretching Routine! This short and well balanced sequence provides you with everything you need to get your daily dose of flexibility, mobility & relaxation. I think she's German, so it makes sense there's only chill music. I love this one.

This one from Alo is 20 minutes and more advanced. It's a good off-day of skiing workout too.  She's crazy fit and flexible, so if you get triggered by that and feel you can't relate, skip this one.

Only have 5 minutes? No worries, this video is for you. While it is geared towards runners, it still hits the major muscle groups skiers use. Great way to activate before the ski day.

Post-Ski Yoga Videos

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I love this one because it's short and sweet and gets right in where I need it--the legs and lower back. You'll need a second phone to pip in your own music, or just keep it simple. Her instruction is nice and straight forward. 

This is my go-to post ski day yoga class. I like that she's in a mountain setting and I think 30 minutes is the perfect amount of yoga after a day on the mountain. I like her teaching style and the vibe. 

This quick flow is ten minutes and covers all the basics. The setting is rather blah, but she gets the job done efficiently. 

If you have tight hips and hamstrings (and who doesn't), add this 10-minute video to your night. The instructor has a nice Aussie accent. 

Another 10-minute one, this video is made just for skiers. She's got a thick Euro accent, which I found a little hard to follow at times, but the video works and the stretches are basic and well directed.

More Yoga is What we Want

While videos are AWESOME and convenient, they certainly don't take the place of in-person classes. When you can, DO take a class on your next vacation. Live instruction includes help on your technique and often, hands-on adjustments to help you further your practice. 


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