Zippo Handwarmer Review


It's common knowledge in my family that the hardest people to buy Christmas presents for are the men. The only thing more difficult than buying presents for the men? That would be buying the stocking stuffers for the men.

Zippo may have at least one solution for the stocking stuffer dilemma--their portable Hand Warmer ($24.95).

It consists of a small, lightweight metal casing that can be filled with lighter fluid, then ignited, sealed, and placed in the (included) warming bag. From there, it can be placed in the pocket of a jacket for up to 12 hours of warmth on one fill up.

It's perfect for skiing, snowmobiling or even just sitting outside watching soccer games on a very cold Saturday morning, any reason one might need to be outside in the very cold great outdoors. Wait a minute, I might just have to keep this one for myself!

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