Wusthof Precision Edge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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Dull knives are dangerous. A dull knife makes me apply too much pressure to a knife and slip. I've definitely learned my lesson the hard way (hacked up fingers) and now am a believer in keeping my kitchen tools sharp. While bulky automated sharpeners may work for those with enormous kitchens, this urban chef needs something that works well and doesn't take up space. Hello Wusthof 2-Stage Knife Sharpener.

We added this little gem to the kitchen last month. All you do is swipe the blade across the prep surface and the finishing surface a few times and you've got a super-sharp knife. The grip on the tool feels great in my hand--and the tools is extremely stable. Perfect as the holiday entertaining season has arrived. I know I'll be slicing, dicing, mincing and chopping with good tools. Wusthof, the leader in professional grade cutlery for nearly 200 years makes excellent knives, so it's no surprise this tool had become an instant necessity in the Momtrends kitchen. Could be a good gift for the chef in your family. Buy on Amazon ($19.99)

Momtrends was not paid for this review. We did get a testing sample and we are not giving this back.

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