Workout Snack Ideas

Workout Snack Ideas

I hate going to the gym or exercising on an empty stomach. It is not only an awful feeling as your stomach grumbles on the treadmill but feeling exhausted with no energy is not a great way to start a workout. Eating small meals or snacks before you exercise will not only give you more energy but they can increase your performance and get your body into optimal fat burning mode. Here are some of our favorites:

6 Workout Snack Ideas

1.Whole-wheat English muffin with low sugar jam '?? The days of restricting carbs are thankfully long gone and there'??s good reason since grains that are high in fiber have a low glycemic index that you make you full and give you fuel. Before a workout, a whole grain food like an English muffin with something sweet will satisfy and not leave you sluggish.

2. Protein fruit smoothie -- A great way to get a dose of protein and various fruits, a fruit smoothie with berries and/or vegetables and a protein powder will keep you full and ready to tackle a rigorous workout. Check out our smoothie recipes for ideas.

3. Non-fat Greek yogurt such as FAGE with fresh berries and slivered almonds Greek yogurt one of my favorite ways to get protein (23 grams in one serving) and dairy. Top it off with some high-fiber berries and slivered almonds before the gym for an invigorating workout.

4. Handful of almonds An excellent source of vitamin E and protein, almonds have a way of calming hunger and powering your workout. Although its higher in monounsaturated, this is the healthy kind that

5. Small bowl of cereal (like All-Bran) with skim milk Cereal is a great quick meal but be careful of the high-sugar varieties (anything over 10 grams of should be avoided) that will zap your much-needed energy.

6. Hummus and raw veggies Great for a mid-afternoon pre-workout snack, hummus, made from garbanzo beans, is packed with fiber and protein to sustain your hunger. Pair it with some carrots, peppers or raw broccoli for a hearty dose of nutrients and fiber.

Easy Hummus Recipe

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