Wine and Cheese Pairings for the Holidays

Wine and Cheese Pairings for the Holidays

Are you getting ready to host a holiday party? We discovered the best ways to entertain without breaking the bank by featuring a delicious selection of cheeses and wines from Walmart. Check out some of these affordable and fun options that are sure to be a hit at your next party.

5 tips for a great cheese platter:

  1. Make sure you have cheeses from the four different categories: aged, firm, soft and blue
  2. Offer a wide selection of breads that vary in taste and firmness to compliment the cheese
  3. Make sure you have at least one familiar cheese (think cheddar) for the non-adventurous type
  4. Separate! Use different knifes for each variant of cheese and make sure to keep strong smelling cheeses (brie, munster) in their own area, away from other cheeses
  5. Make sure not to serve your cheese platter cold, as it dilutes the flavor, which means taking them out of the fridge an hour before serving

Walmart wine pairings that go well with a variety of cheeses:

Oak Leaf Chardonnay, Price: $2.97

Serving tip: Keep refrigerated and take it out 20 minutes before you plan on serving it

Xo, G Pinot Grigio, Price: Under $10

Serving tip: Xo, G comes in 4 individually wrapped, pre-filled glasses making it perfect for a party or to share with friends

Mark West Pinot Noir, Price: $8.97 to $11.97

Serving tip: if you are looking for a brighter, more fruit-filled taste, aim for younger-aged bottles

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