Why the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is the Best Holiday Gift

Lenovo Tablet

We have been showcasing our favorite finds for the holidays in our gift guides, but one item that is top on our list is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

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As a Lenovo Mom we are so excited to be able to test out the coolest products from this number 1 PC company and one of our favorites is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10. As a busy work-from-home mom I use technology everyday to check emails and write and edit articles on Momtrends. I love that I have the flexibility to do this while still being able to pick up my kids. There are instances when I do have some work to do with the kids, so it is nice to have a tablet where they can look at educational apps and videos. I also like having a tablet for long travel adventures as well as for when I'm in the kitchen as I look over recipes.


The beauty of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 is that it meets everyone needs. Not just any ordinary tablet, this one is super functional thanks to its three modes: tilt, stand and hold. It allows both you and your kids to use it as it caters to your needs. Personally, I love the stand mode that helps me to browse the web without having to hold the tablet. This is also incredible when I make dinner and can easily look at the recipes without a separate stand.

It is also ideal for travel since it has 18 hours of battery life, so you don't have to worry about losing your charge, and even better - you don't have to bring those extra chargers and wires with you. It also has a really sharp 10.1" HD display that looks amazing as you browse the web or watch a movie. The sound quality is also really crisp, which I love to use as I check out new music from Spotify. Another favorite is the camera that takes high-definition pictures thanks to the 5.0M rear and 1.6M front cameras - enabling you to have crisp and clear photos and videos.

Being Momtrends we can't forget about the style. We also love how sleek the Yoga Tablet that features a laser-etched back that prevents scratches and makes it comfortable to hold, and cool chrome-painted trim that would look great with a sleek black dress - just sayin'.

Finally, it is affordable! The Yoga Tablet 10 starts at $319.99 while the Yoga Tablet 8 starts at $299.99 - making it a great gift for everyone in the family that won't break the bank.

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Momtrends is a proud to be a Lenovo Mom. This is a sponsored post.

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