What's Hot for Kids this Fall

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"Grey is now the new PINK." So says fashion maven Robyn Johnson. Robyn and I have worked together before and I trust her take on trends. She's the owner of the super-cute www.dragonfliesandladybugs.comonline boutique. Here are her three tips for catching a fall trend:

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1.) Gray: Mix with hot pink and red. For example, Room Seven and Misha LuLu both have groups that have designs solely around grey colorways.

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2.) Funky patterns: Polka dots and stripes are the new combo's. Mim Pi (right picture) designed a Black and White Polka dot Jumper and skirt set that sold faster than we could reorder in the store. They paired it with a striped top and striped tights... people LOVED it. Room Seven has a similar style. This year they have manufactured a lot of striped tights to go with their "classic" styles.

3.) Organic cotton fabrics: Misha LuLu (center top feature) makes a lot of her designs out of Organic Cotton. Deux par Deux for both Boys (see left) and Girls have most sweaters, hats and scarfs made from bamboo organic cotton, which is really soft and comfortable.

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Visit DragonfliesandLadybugs online to see Robyn's full collection of Misha LuLu, Mim Pi and Room Seven and many more fashion-forward brands. Enter "FREESHIP" at checkout for free shipping (of course). For more fashion news, Robyn keeps a blog and updates it with interviews with her favorite designers, such as Mim Pi (did you know that the label means "to dream"!)Designer Eleonora Nieuwenhuizen. Eleonara states, "You are what you look at." That's good news since she travels the world in search of inspiration: in India, the colours are a great source of inspiration: green-blue glossy paint, the women in their colourful silk saris, old tiles, flower offerings in the temples...click here for the full article.

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