Warm & Fuzzy Feet Courtesy of Crocs


I know I'm not telling you anything new when I tell you kids love Crocs. My daughter practically lived in her croclings this summer. Now that there's a nip in the air, fret not Croc lovers--the Mammoth is here to keep little toes snug and happy this winter.

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The Mammoth has all the same great Croc styling (made with their lightweight "croslite" material), but these beauties are lined in with synthetic "fur." I adore these lovely clogs because, like their summer solemates (again I apologize for the pun), I can toss these in the wash to clean.

Perfect for indoor footwear, the woolly mammoth can also hit the streets. Thanks to the slightly elevated heel, kids can even tackle a bit of slush in these shoes. Offered in six seasonally appropriate colors (more neutral than the summer hues), these will undoubtedly be a huge hit under the tree. Sizes 6-13 in kids. $29.99

Gender neutral, Crocs are equally appealing to boys and girls and they flip over personalizing their footwear with Jibbitz charms. In fact, why not add a Christmas Critter for extra smiles! $2.49

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