Introducing the Vanity Fair Women Who Do Program


What is the one thing most of us women need that we don’t always invest enough in? If you said a bra, you aren’t alone. A good quality bra is so important and the first step to feeling great in your clothes. Properly fitting undergarments should be the cornerstone of every girl’s wardrobe in my book. It might have taken me until I hit my thirties to really understand that, but pretty, flattering, supportive, and most importantly, comfortable bras are incredibly important to me now.

So, I’m thrilled to announce that I am joining five fabulous bloggers in the Vanity Fair Lingerie “Women Who Do” blogger program. The “Women Who Do” campaign is dedicated to celebrating everyday triumphs of women. I am blessed to know so many women who do and have done amazingly inspiration things in their lives, so I couldn’t be more excited about this program! Any time I can lend support to my fellow women, I’m there.


Over the next several months I will be sharing things like the skinny on my favorite Vanity Fair Lingerie products and information about the Bras Across America: Dress for Success and Vanity Fair Lingerie National Lift TOUR.

For this tour, Vanity Fair Lingerie has teamed up with Dress for Success to travel across the country and hold bra fitting events wherein for every person who has a fitting, a brand new bra will be donated to Dress for Success, an organization that helps outfit disadvantaged women in need with the wardrobe, support and developmental tools they need to gain economic independence. Not every woman has the means to invest in high quality undergarments, but EVERY woman deserves to feel fabulous in what she’s wearing and a great bra can do just that.

I know that you’re all “women who do” and I can’t wait to share this journey with you! So, are you ready to lift up the women in your life?!?

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