Unique Jewelry from Calamarie


We just discovered an exciting new jewelry brand with Calamarie. Featuring a line of Eco-Chic Accessories including the collections The Signature Orange Peel, La Mariposa and the Gilded Earth.


We love how this beautiful, natural and one-of-a-kind line is really easy to wear as it is designed for the conscious modern woman who wants to do good, look and feel good.

Created by Catalina Lemaitre, a former economist turned entrepreneur/designer, all of the pieces are hand-crafted by dozens of women artisans across the country of Colombia. Together, Catalina and these talented artisans create thoughtful designs that incorporate traditional techniques and recycled materials (orange peel, seeds, silk cocoons, vegetable ivory).


Some of our favorite pieces are the Bouquet Necklace Lime, the My Knot Necklace, and the chic Garden Necklace that all combine the use of sustainable materials. For example, the signature Orange Peel collection was inspired by “roses” made from the discarded peels collected from Colombian juice vendors. After a special drying process, the orange peel roses are firm and durable, with the added benefit of retaining some of the orange’s natural scent. The La Mariposa collection incorporates dried silk cocoons, while other pieces make innovative use of recycled sari fabric and metalwork.

What started as a small side project five years ago has grown dramatically with the support of many special women and institutions like the Women’s Museum of Women in the Arts--who believed in Calamarie from the beginning. The business combines what Catalina is most passionate about: the environment, economic development and empowerment of women, as well as art, and preservation of traditional art forms.

Through alliances with non-profit institutions, Calamarie supports educational and arts programs for children in Colombia as well as other important causes around the world.

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