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Under One Roof: New Site Makes Fashion, Accessories & Home Décor Shopping Easy

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With Mother's Day coming as well as the regular collection of birthday's, graduations and special occassions, we are always looking for new and unique gift ideas. Enter The Collecte, a new online site where you can discover new and emerging designers. This includes a collection of lifestyle brands, art, jewelry, clothing, and even couture accessories. You can find anything from the perfect pair of pants for work, to your next dress for New Year¹s, to your new favorite lamp for your reading corner. Some items are available for under $200!

Braseé Juw
KP Bracelets

Momtrends: How do you find the items to curate on your site? 

The Collecte:When we find designers that we like we reach out to them directly to learn more about their brand and product range. When it comes to choosing our products we don’t necessarily choose to showcase every piece the designer offers. Sometimes we like to pick and choose specific items or a particular collection. This is part of our curation process. It’s important to us that all of our items reflect our value on design and quality.

Momtrends: Why is it important that (some of) the items be under 200? 

The Collecte: We offer some items that are under $200 because we believe that creative and well designed piece doesn't necessarily mean it has to be extremely costly. For us it's about the quality of design and craftsmanship. You can still collect a beautiful piece without having to brake the bank.

Momtrends: Where did the idea for the site come from? 

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The Collecte:The idea for the site came about organically, from two points of view.

* My Co-founder, Maria and I were both in the process of creating our own fashion brands. We noticed a lack of sophisticated platforms to showcase our work and thought let's create the platform ourselves! We wanted to create a professional, chic environment where designers could reach a larger customer base.

* We also noticed a lack of options for shoppers. Wherever we went it was the same designers and brands. If you wanted something unique you would have to spend hours or even days hunting it down. We wanted to provide a convenient one stop destination for customers looking for something unique and special yet still well crafted.

Momtrends: How do you find the indie designers that you showcase? 

The Collecte: We find our designers through many different avenues. Some we find through word-of-mouth or through sourcing on our travels. For others we hunt online and reach out directly when we see work that we admire. The most important things we look for are creativity, uniqueness and quality of craftsmanship.

Momtrends: What are some of your picks for Mother's Day on your site? 

The Collecte: Accessories are always a great choice for Mother's Day! We suggest these adorable tea cup printed silk satin scarves by Tuff Love; this stylish yet practical Brasee Juweyvos Backpack by Deondra Jeree, perfect for the Mom on the go; or one of these beautifully beaded bracelets by KPBracelets.

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