Two for the Road


Great Gift #13

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Despite all the estrogen present at our house, I'm equally drawn to playthings with wheels that appeal to both sexes. In fact, I've got two great truck suggestions for the holidays:

Mighty World Construction Truck. In the "Mighty World," the imagination is a force of nature; no batteries required. As the daughter of a water and sewer contractor, I appreciate a well-made construction toy and this one has all the right details: three suspension settings, working steering wheel and plenty of removable parts to keep little minds busy. The two action figures included can be the characters in a multitude of scenarios. Since there are small parts and interchanging pieces that requires dexterity, I'd recommend this gift for kids 4+. $29.60

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My Little Red Fire Truckfrom Jack Rabbit Creations. First of all, this is a great-looking toy. It's nearly impossible to keep your hands off, the bright red engine holding seven fire fighters (a couple are lady fire fighters) and a Dalmatian. All the pieces can be secured in the truck (to zoom to the next five-alarmer) thanks to tiny magnets. While this toy is perfect for any kid who's crazy about the fire house, the company also makes a magnet-figure school bus, farm truck, and surfer woody. Suggested for kids 3 and over. $35

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