Trendy Thursday: The Limited is Back

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Flashback to 1983. I'm a freshman in high school and I am wearing leggings, long shaker-knit tunic sweaters and ankle boots. The Limited is THE spot for fashion at my local mall and my girlfriends and I constantly badger our parents for more shopping funds. Flashfoorward to 2009...Limited is back.

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This time as a "Pop Up"in Soho. What is a pop-up? Its a temporary store--happening all the time here in NYC as retails establishments succumb to the recession. Landlords are willing to cut short term deals to make a little money and retailers are eager to get rid of inventory without having to lock into a long term lease.

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The Limited pop-up gets fresh inventory every Friday. The idea is that they turn clothes fast. The color statement was appealing--even if I didn't find anything to buy. And how about the wall of sweaters I found from Forenza? Yep, looks like the one from my youth at the Annapolis mall. I know I owned this cowl neck sweater then and I'd buy it again (at $59.50 it is a steal). Long live the Limited and affordable fashion! Click here to find a store near you.

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