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A recent business jaunt brought us to London. While my spouse zipped to meetings on the tube my daughter and I explored the city.

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One rainy day we stumbled upon a real treasure, Daisy & Tom. Daisy & Tom is a magical spot for children and parents. Here's a quick rundown: toys, books, clothing and heaps of activities.

Let 's start with the toys. How about a red Retro Racer styled after a Ferrari with real chrome wheels! For little ladies, try the Lucy Locket Fairy Picnic Set. Everything is deliciously packaged and hard to resist.

Don't leave the first floor without perusing the book section. It's the perfect place to buy Paddington, Beatrix Potter or the books about the other Potter (Harry that is). Upstairs is the clothing shop. Sales associates are solicitous and knowledgeable--so don't fret about buying gifts to bring home.

As for activities, this is a an A+ rainy day spot. The Chelsea store has a carousel that run several times a day (call ahead for times), as well as a puppet show every twenty minutes. What else you ask? How about on-the-spot haircut for the kiddies and weekend book readings. All the in-store events are free and the staff is wonderful about letting kids gently play with the display items.

This really is a must for kids age 2-10. Open 7 days a week. Call or e-mail for times.

181 Kings Road
Chelsea, London
+44 (0) 20 7352 5000

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