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There is a new vacation-ready prep list (from a Mom of 4 kids no less) I want to share: Time Too has developed a click and print preplist for stress-free action planning.

The list contains each household service item that needs to be managed before leaving on a trip. From informing the house sitter about garbage day to watering the plants, this checklist has it all. Just click, print, and relax. Download the free form here (click on "Summer's Here" lower right corner).

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Other news of note: I just tested out a new SPF line of clothes from Columbia. A favorite item--the Columbia Revolution Jacket. I'll be the first to tell you sun-protective clothing can be mighty geeky. Not so this top. It's a technological wonder (UPF rating of 50, moisture-wicking Omni-Dry technology, 4-way stretch material, etc,)--but better yet it looks great--a nice trim, hooded, zip-front jacket with pockets (a mom's got to have pockets). This jacket takes me from camp drop-off to the park to a pilates class in style. $60

Now you know what I've been up to (The Y, playgrounds and pilates). What are some other busy moms up to this summer?

Here's what Kathyrn From (Bravado CEO--the makers of amazing nursing bras) is up to:
Summer vacation: Family cottage on Georgian Bay (part of Lake Huron) for 4-5 days at a time, 2 and hopefully 3 times this summer
Dream vacation: Canyon Ranch Spa with just me, myself and I.
What I won'??t leave home without: sunscreen, my son, a few books (literary, non-fiction and trashy).

Fellow Brooklyn mom and t-shirt momtrepreneur Debbie Zolan is on vacation right now--Block Island.
Dream vacation: A week at Rancho La Puerta spa. Supposed to go for my 40th birthday!
Won't leave home without: One of her legendary Cherry Tee Ranier l/s tees.

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