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Want a gift the whole family will remember forever? Try a Celebrity Cruise. Last month I was lucky enough to try out their new Solstice fleet. There are four new vessels setting sail. All have luxurious touches. I was blown away by the zen-like decor of my Aqua Class stateroom.

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On board entertainment includes a hot glass show, spa, casino and loads of live music. To work off the calories of the decedent food offerings, the Solstice has an inviting gym and fitness classes (I loved my yoga class).

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My first pick would be to make this cruise a romantic getaway for two. But if you are after a high end family trip you can't go wrong here. When mom and dad need a break, kids (3 and up love the Fun Factory. Celebrity has partnered with Leap Frog to offer the latest games and learning toys. But it will be hard to be inside and not enjoy the real grass lawn (the first ever on a cruise ship) or the pools. Itineraries include the Caribbean and Europe.

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And whether your are cruising, hitting the slopes or jaunting to Europe, don't' forget the details. When leaving children with grandparents, relatives or family friends you need to cover all your bases. is a website that allows parents to customize forms to their unique family situation and provides travel consents, temporary custodial authority and medical authorizations, with important medical information about your child along with emergency contacts and insurance information. The forms are prepared online and downloaded in a matter of minutes. You can even upload a picture of your child or their travel or guardian onto each form!

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