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Travel Finds for Families

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Travel season is right around the corner, and while it is amazing to have that precious family time away from home, it can also be challenging. To make things a little easier we complied some of our favorite essentials to make traveling with the kiddos a little easier. Let us know what you think, and add in your own key products in the comments section.

Luggage for Kids: Hello Kitty is a hit in our house and the luggage from offers a fun collection of bags and luggage from FAB Starpoint featuring everyone's favorite cat. My daughter is a big fan of the Sanrio Black Hello Kitty ABS Bag and I also love Target's collection of bags for kids including the Raskullz Kitty LuggageOlive Kids Ride 'Em Duffel Bag and the Marvel Blue Marvel Heros ABS bag.

iHome Disney: iHome/Disney’s Kid-Safe headphones are perfect for travel—for both parents and kids. Mix iHome’s innovative technology with Disney’s animation and you get a winning recipe for the coolest headphones around. They also offer cool designs for kids like Minnie Mouse, Cars, Cinderella and more. They also have great tech for travel like a Portable Water-Resistant Stereo and a Rechargeable Speaker so that you and your kids can enjoy tunes on the go.

Squooshi: Traveling with kids has just made easier thanks to Squooshi and their uniquely designed reusable food pouches for babies and kids of all ages. With the "food-in-pouches" trend growing, we love that you can make food from home and then easily transport them in their adorable and convenient option for families. They are also great for the environment since they focus on making food, and not using jars that go into our landfills.

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Jelly Beans: Jellies are back, and this season you and kids will love these brightly colored, nostalgic, comfortable and secure t-bar sandals. Reasonably priced at under $30.00 for the kids collection (and just under $40 for moms and dads), they are available in a spectrum of colors with fun names everyone will love stepping back into jellies this season. Eye popping-color favorites include ‘Red Rover’, ‘Pinkalicious’, ‘Blueberries’, ‘Neon Green’, ‘Neon Orange’, ‘Neon Purple’, ’Neon Yellow’ and the ever popular ‘Clear Sparkles’, and they will definitely catch your childs’ eye and may even have them asking for a bag of “Jellybeans” that match their shoes!

Made from high quality “recyclable” PVC, Jelly Beans stand the test of time. From the cities to the beaches, these water proof fashion statements are incredibly durable making the iconic jelly sandal a guaranteed crowd favorite with kids, teens and adults alike.

BabiatorsWe are loving this line of aviator-style sunglasses for babies and children. These stylish shades provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, are durable. My younger daughter is a huge fan, and I love how comfortable they are. They also feature fun colors with some of my favorites being the Sneak Attack Pink & Black, Nighthawk Navy and the Rockstar Red.

Mosey: Not a product per say, Mosey is a great tool new social travel planner called to help you plan the perfect day trip. This works by helping you to plan trips based on the tips from your friends and colleagues and visa versa. This also includes travel that is just 4 or 6 hours in any city - making it a great option for families that can't travel far away.

Rainy Day Gear: Some vacations become rainy day ones, so it is important to be prepared when traveling and some of our favorites are the umbrella, rain coat and rain boots from Western Chief. Featuring popular characters like Hello Kitty, Batman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Butterflies, Ladybugs, Pink Bugs, Wings, Monster, Frog and Dinosaur and much for the ultimate rain gear in functionality and fashion.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given some samples.

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