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Top Travel and Packing Tips

My career as a professional blogger has taken me all over the country, and sometimes out of the country, which means I've packed a lot of suitcases. Through trial and error, I've nailed down a travel and packing system that I rarely deviate from because it works.


First, let's talk about what to pack...I have a few travel must haves that come with me to any and every destination...Most importantly I make sure I have feminine products stashed in my purse and suitcase just in case. Air travel has been known to bring about my cycle even when I'm not due! So, being prepared with products like those from Carefree is so important. No girl wants to be caught off guard. Am I right?

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As far my clothing and accessories travel must haves go, no matter what the weather is like outside, you'll never find me traveling without an oversized scarf. Even if it's hot, it tends to be chilly on airplanes and even if it's not, at times I've even used my scarf as a pillow. It's the ultimate travel multi-purpose piece in my book.

I also always have to have my shades. I often catch early morning flights and sometimes that means I don't get enough sleep the night before, so a pair of oversized sunnies that can hide my tired eyes is the ultimate problem solver.

Finally, I've packed the same metallic clutch for every single trip I've been on for over a year. It's small enough to throw in a tote, yet chic enough to stand alone on its own in the evening...And it goes with EVERYTHING!

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Next let's talk about how to pack...I've collected some tried and true packing tips from some super organized ladies like my mom and Momtrends' own Nicole Feliciano, for instance, and have learned how to pack much more efficiently over the years.


I'm not going to lie. My first instinct is always just to throw a bunch of stuff into my suitcase and work out what I'm going to wear later. But if I take my time and assemble the looks ahead of time, it saves a lot of stress later on. And packing each look and its coordinating accessories in baggies makes getting dressed SO easy! Plus, it keeps my clothes safe from exploding beauty products. I'm not the only that's happened to right?

For even more packing tips, check out this video from Carefree below...But first, don't miss out on this deal!

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