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Summer started, in case you didn’t get the memo. But nothing ruins a day at the beach than realizing you are ill-prepared for [insert situation here]. Here are a few items that have gotta-get status for our summer beach plans.

Wrinkles are not okay at summer weddings. But, thankfully, they can have their place at the beach. A lightweight and breezy coverup, the Live Happy by Natural Life Tunic In A Bag is just the thing. The tie-dye crinkly cotton tunic is meant to be wrinkled. It comes in a matching cotton drawstring bag, so you can twist it up and store it in your beach bag for the perfect aprés-sunworshipping top. $40

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You’re thankful for a breeze. That is until your umbrella blows into the family next to you and then the family next to them and so on and so on. Voted one of Martha Stewart’s 20 Must-Haves for a Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly Summer,Noblois colorful nylon bag that’s filled with sand and attached to the umbrella above the spokes. Get it? No blow. The family next to you with thank you. $14.99

Perfect for sipping the cool stuff on the beach (no, I don’t mean margaritas…OK…maybe sometimes I mean margaritas), the Coolgear Can is a great beach companion. Instead of the soon-to-be-sand-covered twist top of the typical water bottle, these "cans" have a slide back opening that keeps sand out and your cool beverage in. It’s also double insulated to keep drinks cool for up to four hours. Because the top is a wide-mouth twist off, full-sized ice cubes fit easily. $8.99

You get up from lying on the beach and you’re covered in sand. Go down to the water. Rinse. Come back. You’re covered in sand. Go down to the water. Rinse. Repeat. Or you can just sit on your towel and use a powder puff to apply Sand Gone. This dry body powder removes the sand and leaves skin soft (not gritty). Non-toxic and non-talc, it even has a beachy coconut scent. $12.95

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When it’s 93 degrees in the shade, you go on a mission to stay cool. Mission wants to help. Their Enduracool multi-cooling headwear is genius. In just two steps you can cool yourself down. First, wet it with cold water and wring it out. Then snap to activate. That’s it. The Multi-Cool can be worn in over 12 different ways to help you keep cool. Bonus—it’s UPF 50 to protect you from the sun's damage not just the sun's heat. $27.99

Taking photos, listening to your iPod, checking emails (so you can appear to be at work)...your battery life is draining while you're enjoying life. You're in the sun, you might as well use the sun. The Goal Zero's Nomad 7 collects sun power to charge most handheld USB devices such as cell phones, smart phone, GPS and MP3 players as fast as wall chargers (last time I checked, you don't have a wall seaside). In up to two hours, you're charged and ready to go. It's foldable, rugged and weather resistant. $79.99

You’re ready to wrap things up and there’s no changing room before the car ride home. Your daughter is covered in sand and her bathing suit is soaked. Now what? Wrap her up in the Children’s Place leopard towel wrap. A terry cloth dream, this Velcro wrap dress can be easily slipped over her bathing suit so she can wiggle out of it. The thick straps are lined in soft terry and the adjustable hook-and-loop closure panel at the elasticized chest folds around her for a dry trip home. $19.95

Note: Last minute arrivals - here are a couple of new things that just crossed our sandy paths...

Although packing the sunscreen is clearly a must-do, I love to be able to rely on my daughter’s swimsuit for protection (not as sticky and full of those random chemicals with five syllables).SwimZip is an adorable line of UPF50 swim suits that zip off (shown above is the adorable Such A Betty style). Translation – it doesn’t take a miracle to get a wet swim suit off your wiggling child at the end of the beach day. A nice touch – their zipper has a little flap over it to protect baby’s skin from being pinched. $29.99

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Once you've got them out of the swimsuit, where do you put it? Enter ZizzyBags, little mesh bags that are great for the beach. In three different sizes, you can fill them up with toys, sunscreen, snacks, and yes...even that wet bathing suit. Since they're breathable mesh and zippered, you won't get a musty smelling suit when you get home. $19.99/3pack

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