ToddleGreen: Eco-Friendly Flushable Potty Liners

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Having been through one potty training experience with my older daughter, we are now embarking on another one with my toddler. This time around, we are using ToddleGreen, the first ever flushable potty liner, which I am hoping that this will make the experience cleaner, easier, and eco-friendly.

Created by Lei Deng, a working mom of two, who was seeking a way to make "life easier for busy parents through innovative, simple, eco-friendly baby and toddler products." What resulted was ToddleGreen, a 100% biodegradable, water-soluble (made of Polyvinyl Alcohol), and non-toxic product that is a great way to make potty training cleaner and greener.


How they work is simple - all you have to do is fit them over a dry toddler potty chair, place them in the potty chair and then flush them away. There is no other liner that is septic and sewer-safe so you normally have to throw them in the trash, which can take 500 to 1000 years to decompose in landfills (as stated on the ToddleGreen website). The The liners can also hold up solids and liquids and when they hit the liquid in they quickly soften and further break down in sewer or septic systems.

Potty training is an exciting time for toddlers and thanks to Toddle Green it can also be eco-friendly and a lot cleaner.

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