Tips on How to Keep Your Laundry Room Clean and Organized

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It is all about staying organized during the school year, and to help us out we learned some tips from the DIY experts at The Family Handyman. Check out their six easy and efficient projects to help keep your laundry room organized and looking spectacular.

1. Closet Rod and Shelf: Instead of having wrinkled shirts at the bottom of a laundry basket, buy a standard closet rod to hang up shirts and jackets. This will save you hours of ironing and will help organize the clothes. Buying a shelf to put on top of the rod will also maximize storage space and help keep your laundry room organized and clean.

2. Soap Dispenser: Are you constantly looking for that bar of soap that’s in your laundry room or running to the kitchen to wash your hands? Purchase a soap dispenser and mount it to the sink in your laundry room so you can quickly wash your hands or apply spot remover to your stained blouse. This will save plenty of time in the long run.

3. Towel Bar: Get those messy rags out of the sink and onto the towel bar so they can dry. Simply mount the towel bar on the side of the sink to allow the towels to dry quickly so you can continue to reuse them.

4. Under-Sink Shelf: Tired of constantly moving stuff under the sink every time you have to mop the floor? Try purchasing a Melamine closet shelf to make space under the laundry tub. This will make the room look more organized and save you the stress of constantly moving items around.

5. Fold-Away Table: Do you need more space for separating clothes before washing and folding them after drying? Buy a countertop blank that you can easily mount to one of the walls in your laundry room and voila, you’ll have the perfect space to do all of your separating and folding.

6. All-Purpose Wall Cabinet: Start organizing those cleaning products that are scattered all over the laundry room. Put a wall cabinet above the washer and dryer to organize your paper towels, cleaning products, dryer sheets and everything else you use to keep your clothes and your laundry room spic and span.

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