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Tips for Shooting Great Holiday Videos

pro tips for shooting holiday videos

More and more families and mixing up how they send their well wishes to friends and families. One idea that we love is the holiday video. To help us out, we are enlisted some tips from the Vimeo Video School about some tips to create your perfect holiday video.

Vimeo's Ten Tips for Shooting Great Holiday Videos 

  1. Stabilize your camera: Shaky footage is the worst. Be mindful of the camera in your hand and try to keep it stable. If you move the camera, keep it steady. You may even want to use a rig, a monopod or get super stable with a tripod! Also if you're using a camera phone TURN IT HORIZONTAL!
  2. Get establishing shots: Make sure to set the scene! Before you hone in on the details, grab a few establishing shots. Start by capturing footage on the train ride, in the car drive, or while walking down the street. Then, grab a few shots of the exterior of that quaint country cabin, or a wide shot of your friends packed into the living room of your very small New York City apartment.
  3. Capture natural reactions: In the end, it's the company of your family and friends that's most important. So make sure to capture those smiles, laughs, and non-ironically tender moments between loved ones.
  4. Use insert shots: Details are important! They're what will make your holiday video unique and memorable. So zoom in on the intricacies of a paper snowflake, snag a few shots of family photos and Christmas cards on the hearth, and don't forget to hit record on the food! Remember to get creative and vary your shot composition. Maybe even try some macro shots!
  5. Grab some action shots: It's important to set the scene, but you don't want a whole video of stagnant shots. When people move, capture it! Get kids running and playing, grandparents waltzing, the football game in the backyard, and the cooking frenzy in the kitchen. The movement will help keep your audience engaged.
  6. Try some P.O.V. shots: First-person perspective shots can be interesting, and add a special spin to your video. Walk around and show us what's it's like to be you at your family's holiday gathering.
  7. Plan ahead for the big moments: Most holiday get-togethers have some key highlights — the celebratory toast, the vigorous unwrapping of gifts — around which you might structure your video.
  8. Be cool. You don't want to kill the vibe at your holiday party by being an overbearing director. Let people be themselves and try to capture candid moments discreetly. Don't force people to pretend the camera isn't there — it's OK if they acknowledge that you're filming.
  9. Think about style: Make your video more dynamic and interesting by mixing close-ups, over-the-shoulder shots, and wide takes. If you really want to look like a pro, keep in mind your framing and composition and remember the Rule of Thirds. Also highly recommend downloading the Cameo app– it makes creating beautifully shot films on your phone super easy!
  10. Don't forget the details: Telling a story successfully means capturing the little things, which in this case might include decorations, painstakingly curated holiday outfits, and food. (Warning: No one likes to see themselves scarfing food, so keep the mouth close-ups to a minimum.

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