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Tips for a Wildly Successful Yard Sale

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Tis the season…for yard sales. There’s nothing like the crisp air of autumn and a yard full of discounted goods. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Hosting a yard sale is also an excellent way to de-clutter your home this fall. Great for holiday season prep, the auction will leave your home with room to breathe and loads of cash in your pocket.

To ensure a wildly successful sale,Hometalk, an online community for home and garden tips on the web—has rounded up tips to help you get the most out of your housing cleanseCheck them out here:

Upload great pictures of your items on Craig's List so people can see what you are selling in advance.

Yard Sale Tips

Great signs will easily lead people who read your ads to your sale, and attract people driving by. Make sure the letters are neat and BIG.

Yard Sale Tips

Group like items together. This will really help your sale! Try to have a table just for books, one for home décor, etc. Toys also work great placed on a tarp on the ground.

Yard Sale Tips

Put price tags on everything. It’s extra work but people really don’t want to ask how much something costs every few minutes.

Yard Sale Tips

Make your displays look inviting. Tables are important, ask friends to borrow some if you don’t have enough.

Yard Sale Tips

Hang clothing on wardrobes so shoppers can easily look through your items.

Yard Sale Tips

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