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The Ultimate Family Computer: Lenovo Flex 20

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Lenovo Flex 20

In a few days I will be leaving for Las Vegas to attend CES. As my first year attending this show, I am really excited to learn more about the tech world and check out the latest tech trends. One brand that we are really excited to be working with this year is Lenovo. As a member of their Lenovo Mom program, I have had the chance to use their incredible Lenovo Yoga Tablet. This has been amazing during travel where the girls have watched movies, looked at pictures and taken their own videos being super silly. It has been great for me where I use it to download books and check email on-the-go.


We also had the chance to use the IdeaCenter All In One Flex20 (Multi-Touch), an all-in-one desktop that provides families with functionality and interaction thanks to its multi-table mode (either stand or table). With my laptop literally being my work, I have to make sure that it is always in the best of conditions. I also have to leave the house with it, so having a new family computer allows my husband and the girls to use it when I'm not home. It is also great to have a designated computer for them that they can easily use thanks to it being a touch screen. This includes the ability to play games and educational apps that they can touch and swipe much like a tablet.


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Another huge bonus is its flexibility within how it can be placed. This includes a stand mode and table mode where you can move it around and use it based on whatever your given need is at that moment. Another cool feature is that you can play games such as TK using their accessories like a joystick, striker, and e-dice - to truly create a unique online gaming experience.Other features are that it includes an integrated battery for up to 2 hours of play, excellent speakers, cloud storage, a super sleek keyboard and the ability to easily navigate between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Lenovo Flex 20

Key features we love with the Flex20:

  • An easy-to-use touchscreen and keyboard enabled system the whole family can use.
  • Preloaded with over 20 games and educational apps.
  • Features a multi-user experience where the computer can go into stand or table mode. This is ideal for gaming, entertainment, work, etc - all within one device.
  • Unique digital gaming experience with their own joystick, striker, and e-dice.
  • It features an integrated battery so you can use it various rooms for up to two hours.
  • Operates on Windows 8 (but you can also use Windows 7 with this device).

The IdeaPad Flex 20 starts at $749.00.

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Momtrends is a proud to be a Lenovo Mom. This is a sponsored post.

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