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The Momista Movement

The Momista MOvement

At Momtrends we love to support the big brands as well as the some small businesses. One such company is Momista, a business started by Kassandra Pereira, who after she became a mom decided to start a t-shirt company that gives back. Through this mission every t-shirt that is purchased a percentage will be donated to The Healthy Start Coalition of Miami - Dade, an organization that "helps families receive the baby supplies they lack, but also helps them receive the healthcare they need to live a healthy lifestyle" according to Kassandra. Check out more about this movement and how you can get involved.

The Momista MOvement

Momtrends: What is a Momista?

Kassandra Pereira: We have all heard of a fashionista, so a Momista is a very stylish mom, but it also has a deeper meaning to me. Really a Momista is a supermom juggling her family, career and everything that life throws at her while making it look easy.

Momtrends: How did Momista start?

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Kassandra: I had always wanted to get involved in an organization that helped pregnant women in need, but I just had not figured out how I could help. One morning I was doing research online for places that I could donate my son's used baby bottles to and the urge to help these women hit me again, but this time it hit close to home. I sat there and looked at my son and thought about how blessed he was to have everything he could ever need and more. That afternoon as I was about to write on my blog, The Momista Diaries, the idea came to me about starting a t-shirt line and having a portion of the sales be donated to The Healthy Start Coalition of Miami - Dade. Since I have worked in the fashion industry for almost 10 years I got started on it right away and in three weeks launched the line. It took about 12 years for me to figure out how to mesh my love of fashion with my dream of doing something philanthropic and I can honestly say that this could not have happened until I myself became a mom. My perspective on life completely changed once my son was born and everyday I felt the urge to do something to make the community that my son would grow up in a better place. My son is the true inspiration for this line and as I mentioned before with each t-shirt sale a portion will be donated to The Healthy Start Coalition of Miami - Dade. This donation will then help women receive the baby supplies they lack and the healthcare they need during and post pregnancy.

Momtrends: What has been the response of Momista?

Kassandra:The response to Momista has been absolutely incredible! I have received so many amazing messages from friends and family telling me that they absolutely love the concept and want to help support the cause. As soon as I launched the site we had immediate sales which was such an amazing feeling knowing that women liked the t-shirts and could relate to the organization I was trying to help.

Momtrends: Why did you decide to use t-shirts for this movement?

Kassandra: T-shirts were sort of a no brainer. They are easy to wear and as a mom I spend a lot of time in jeans and a t-shirt. The Momista t-shirts are really comfy and they are perfect for hitting the gym or to lounge at home.

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