Temporary Tattoo Earrings from Poppy Drops


My daughter has been talking a lot about wearing earrings, but at five years old I'm in the camp of having her wait until her preteen or teen years to get them pierced. To meet her in the middle, she has been wearing temporary earring tattoos from Poppy Drops.

Created by Shelly Coffman who wanted to keep her little girl "little" for as long and found the stick-on earrings are frustratingly un-sticky. She then tried cutting pieces of her son’s temporary tattoos and applying them to her daughter’s ears. It worked. With that discovery, Shelly’s creativity took off and Poppy Drops was born.

As an easy, worry-free way to let kids express themselves without the hazards of an ear piercing, the PoppyDrops' tiny tattoo earrings are fun, fresh and filled with personality featuring a cute assortment of glitzy gemstones to ladybugs and hearts including as featured in the Glitter CollectionI Can Fly CollectionIsland CollectionPeace & Love Collection and the Let's Party Collection (to name a few).

How they work is simple. All you have to do is pick the right pair of earrings and cut them from the sheet, lay them face down on the earlobe and moisten the back. Once transferred, just slide off the paper sheet and let dry. You’ll have worry-free earrings for up to a week! When you are ready for a new pair, just swipe the skin with a little baby oil or rubbing alcohol and remove. They are also great as an accessory for those with piereced ears where PoppyDrops can be applied to the body, face and nails.

I also appreciated that children’s health is a top priority at Poppy Drops. All products are 100% natural - made with only food-grade, vegetable dyes and always allergy free - making them safe and fun for all ages and practical for Moms.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given samples.

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