Teaching Gratitude to Kids

Teaching Gratitude to Kids

Kids today get a lot. There is access to so much that it can be daunting for them to understand gratitude. I try to emphasize this as much as possible, and one way my daughter and I have been re-thinking this is with the help of some tools. Here are a few of our favorites.

Gratitiude Journal

We have been loving I Heart Gratitude, a 60-day gratitude journal that teaches kids how to have a gratitude practice. Created by Michelle-Lee King, this journal is designed to allow kids to keep track of the things they're grateful for and why. With a mission to empower kids to understand gratitude, Michelle believes this will allow children to become happier and create smoother relationships amongst parents.

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Another amazing gratitude-focused book is Kathy Walsh's Gratitude is a Funny Thing. Through the book, Kathy provides examples of how to practice and live each day with gratitude. This includes tips to learn how to be appreciative that will make kids happier and more joyful.


Another favorite is to wear gratitude on your heart with the cute define me grateful necklace from Pure Designs for Living. A company that makes meaningful gifts, this grateful necklace is adjustable where your kids can practice this message everyday.

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