Target's Kid Detective

Target's Kid Detective

We are on a mission and we have all chosen to accept it. Decode the letters to santa, find the perfect holiday gift and make sure they don't find them before the 25th. To help us better understand our kids and want they want this holiday season, we enlisted the help of Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise and Target Kids’ Gift Detective who shared some tips and advice inspired by her years spent as a top-secret agent. She is also the wife of Tony Mendez, the CIA agent depicted in the movie “Argo” played by Ben Affleck who recently noted that moms make great detectives. She stated, “A good spy is someone hardly noticed at all, such as a housewife... It’s one reason women make such good spies.”Check out her tips on how moms can use those inherent sleuthing skills to find just the right gifts for their kids.

Target's Kid Detective

Shopping Tips from Target's Kid Detective:

1. Decode the Letter from Santa: If your kids don't want to write your letter together, Joann suggest asking kids to write using “Santa’s Secret Ink” (aka plain lemon juice). While you can't see it at first, it then turns brown so apply some heat like a blowdryer to discover what they really want this holiday.

2. Use the Target App to Shop: When you are with the kids shopping, Jonna suggests to pay close attention to the items that you kids want (we are sure they will let you know about that one!) and the use your phone to purchase the items via the Target app. Your kids will have no idea you were shopping and got their presents while they were with you.

3. Get Your Kids in on the fun (for charity): Jonna also says that parents can actually go shopping with their kids without them even knowing they are shopping for them. She says to buy gifts for charity and while your kids are helping you load up a cart, you then add in two of a few items where they will be shocked to find these items under the tree.

4. Art Project: Have your kids make an art project of what they want for the holidays. Joann says they won't realize that you are giving them an insight into their dream gift.

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