Taking Care of Your Favorite Sitter


A good baby sitter is worth his or her weight in gold. I'm not talking about Nannies or other full-time help (and they should get holiday gifts too, my suggestion is a cash bonus equivalent to one week's pay as these working ladies often have specific needs and little use for bath salts and the like). Instead, I mean the teenager who comes over on Friday night so you and your spouse can catch a movie or go to a party.

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Great Gift #7

The best sitters are dependable, punctual and helpful. They deserve a little treat too this holiday. How about a tee sampler basket from Cherry Tee. The company was founded by a fellow Brooklyn Mom and their fashions can be seen on all the coolest celeb moms like Jennifer Garner. I like the Bing Bright Basket. The gift offers three hot tees: a two-tone cap sleeve, a pool ribbed tank and a tangerine long-sleeve tee. They comes packed in an adorable wooden basket--ready for gift-giving. $57 Don't forget to pick up one or two of these cozy tees for yourself, they are perfect for the casual cool mom's wardrobe. I'm eying the Ranier patches L/S tee in Peridot for my post-baby wardrobe. $39.99

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For a smaller gift, I like the Cable YoYo POP from Cable Organizer.com. This tiny device keeps iPod ear buds stored safely with a bit of flair. A tiny suction cup adheres the YoYo to the iPod and the cord then loops around to YoYo POP. Each YoYo comes with an assortment of ten funky decals to personalize the accessory. $10.99

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