Table Etiquette for Kids

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Our role as parents is to teach our children life lessons, pearls of wisdom and a little thing called manners (among so much more!). In a '??gimme this'?? and '??mine world,'?? the gentle art of manners can be a complicated concept to grasp with the little ones. Aimee Symington, maker of the board game, Blunders, recognized this and developed Manner Mats placemats that are designed to make learning values, manners and etiquette fun.

Developed for children over six, Manner Mats comes with 38 different tear-out placemats that can be great on-the-go to be used at restaurants or used at home as a fun activity to teach kids various social skills. Through entertaining games such quizzes and trivia, a word search, conversation starter questions and a charade '?? all devised to make kids think about various situations that can also be a fun game for the whole family. The mats are also illustrated with cute widgets that instruct and guide kids through every placemat. Manners Mats are available at or through retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Toys R Us. Manners Mats retails for $9.95 for 38 mats.

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