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Syncing Your Style: Chic Active Wear

I have recently written about my New Year's resolution (check out the post here), which is all about how I have begun to take Yoga classes at a local Yoga center. I don't have to "dress up" for class, but I am almost always going to class while the children are in school which translates to me being at preschool drop off in sloppy workout clothes. Not only is this not a flattering look for me, I actually don't feel great working out and looking like a total mess. I also squeeze in my Yoga classes whenever I can, so I am always running errands right before and usually after class. Now don't get me wrong, I am still not "dressed up" for class, but I do wear clothes that look and feel good, are conducive to a good workout and I do manage to put a brush through my long hair.

You don't need any special clothes for Yoga, BUT I have found that wearing particular clothes aids my sessions, decreases distractions, and makes me more comfortable.

As it turns out, clothing designed for workouts is something I shouldn't have readily dismissed.

First things first, not all sports bras are created equal. I tried one from Moving Comfort (check out our review here) and I all I have to say is "finally!"  I am not only comfortable throughout my workout, but I feel supported. The other important factor I noted was that my skin was breathing. The perspiration was not getting trapped and causing breakouts and other skin irratations. I always let my petite upper body convince me that I didn't need a particular sports bra, I wish I knew how wrong I have been! There are so many cuts, fits and styles, there's sure to be one to fit every body.

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Yoga is full of long fluid movements, sometimes swiftly miving from one pose to another, but one thing that it demands unlike other forms of excercise, is complete and utter concentration. I am focused on my breathing, the rythem of my movements, and concentrating on truly relaxing my mind. Uncomfortable attire has no place in the Yoga studio. I need clothes that I can put on and forget about. I love the organic slim cut Yoga pants from Gaiam. They sit just at my hips, and allow for easy movement. They are made from organic cotton so I know I am only wearing a natural fiber but also one that was created in a sustainable manner. I paired it with this organic "Free Flight" pink tank that the kids now call my "Yoga shirt" because I wear it so often. It washes beautifully, and again I love the soft organic cotton and pale pretty- in- pink color.


Although most of my Yoga classes are taken in barefoot, I need a good supportive athletic shoe when I am warming up as well as for the days I take a pilates class. I LOVE my new Keen kicks. The Verdi WP scream, "I am a cool, outdoorsy women" without being clunky, heavy or unattractive. They form to my foot as if they were made for them, give unparelled arch support and are durable. I love how they look with a rolled up skinny jean just as much as I love wearing them with my Yoga pants. and quite by accident, I found that they are waterproof~bonus for this busy mama. The Ambler from Keen is more of a rugged looking sport shoe. It functions perfectly for an active day with the kids. I feel like I can really get involved playing at the park, exploring the many trails by our house and know the ambler will serve me well once spring comes and along with it, many days of hiking and biking.

Regarding a mat. I have a pink one that I picked up over a decade ago and if the smell is any indicator, it still is not done off-gasing. I asked my yoga instructor which mat she recommends and without hesitation, she said she loved this mat from BarefootYoga. My new eco friendly mat is on its way and I am excited to not only be more comfortable, and gain stability but also to breathe more easily during my sessions.

and wouldn't you know, I found the perfect reusable, eco friendly water bottle to bring to every class. I love the design of this SIGG bottle because the dual cap system lets me fill and add ice with ease. I also sometimes need a gulp of water instead of just a sip. Yoga is tough and staying hydrated is essential before, during and after each and every session.

Momtrends was not compensated for this post. Some of the items mentioned were received as samples but did not influence my opinion.

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