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SuperME: Uncover the Hero Within

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Turn your child into a super hero with the ingenious products from SuperMe. Every SuperMe Backpack comes with a super hero cape cleverly tucked into a pocket at the top of the bag and a coordinating super hero eye patch. What more could our mini super heroes want - besides reaching tall buildings in a single bound?

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SuperME's insulated Messenger Bag is the perfect, hands-free bag for carrying lunch and books plus the strap can be used as a super hero utility belt.

SuperME bags come with a SuperMe Velcro patch that is interchangeable with all SuperMe products. Buy extra patches to let your child explore different super selves: star athlete, friend to animals, pirate, race car driver, fashionista, rock star, bicycle daredevil, explorer and many more. I love the idea, mentioned on the website, to buy a patch as a reward for learning to ride a bike or conquer the fear of swimming.

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SuperMe bags are available in colors that both boys and girls love and are lightweight, comfortable and durable. SuperMe Utility Belts and masks are also sold separately. Backpacks are $39.90 and Messenger Bags are $29.90. Additional patches are $5 - $7.50.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given samples.

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