Friday Finds: Summer Family Travel Must-Haves

Summer Family Travel Must-Haves

Traveling this summer, we are excited to uncover even more finds so that you and your family are comfortable. From our favorite carriers to our favorite bags, here is what we are taking with us on-the-road this summer.

1. Stokke My Carrier Cool: This is our favorite baby carrier for the summer. Made with breathable mesh technology that reduces heat and moisture, this carrier is designed to keep both you and your baby cool, comfortable and dry for outdoor, active or warm weather use.

2. Stokke® Xplory®Summer Kit: Another favorite from Stokke is their chic printed stroller covers and parasol for the Xplory. Not only is the cover super fashionable, the summer kit is also made with SPF 50 that can protect your baby from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also come in a variety of styles such as yellow/gray, red dots and black dots for the ultimate in summer cool and protection.

3. Mama's Herbal First Aid Bundle: Cuts, bruises and scrapes happen when you are on-the-road. To be ready if those to do occur we are stocking up on the First Aid bundle from Mama's Herbals. This includes products such as Organic Milkmaid TeaNatural Nipple ButterAngel Baby Bottom BalmHappy Mama Spray and more so that you can safely, naturally and effectively heal yourself or your child.

4. 7.A.M Hamper Bag: We love this waterproof and chic hamper bag that is great for everything from groceries to laundry to holding your travel essentials. As an urban mom, I always need more space for my stroller where this 7 A.M.® Hamper is a great way to carry all of my items. Great for travel, the 7 A.M.® Hamper has tons of room for storage and as well as having versatile features like an adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring closure.

5. Hiho Batik Summer Bags: One of our favorite places to take the kids in Brooklyn is also a great place to find the ultimate bag for summer. We love the combination of how the handmade batik design blends beautifully to create this fun and spacious beach bag.

6. Mommi 3-in-1For pregnant women we also love the portable way to get nutrition with Mommi 3-in-1, a complete prenatal protein shake that contains all of the essential prenatal vitamins, DHA and added protein that doctors recommend to pregnant women on a daily basis. Created by CEO Erin Schurtz, in partnership with renowned OB/GYN and author Dr. Yvonne Bohn, nutritionist Rachel Jones, and Twinlab Corp, Mommi 3-in-1 contains the FDA’s recommended daily nutrition intake levels for the extra nutrition expecting mothers need during a typical pregnancy: 25 g of protein, 100% daily value of 14 essential prenatal vitamins and 200 mg of DHA when prepared with 10 ounces of 1% milk. This comes in chocolate and vanilla that pregnant women cane enjoy a tasty addition to their daily routine. As a busy mom I love this option to make the shakes at home and they use them while on-the-go. Perfect for the home or traveling this summer, Mommi 3-in-1shakes are a great and easy way to upgrade your pregnancy diet.

7. For sunscreen for the kids we love Block Island Organics. With the motto "Play Smart. Play Safe. Non-Toxic Suncare," we love how safe and effective the line thanks to its use of non-toxic mineral based ingredients. This includes a Baby SPF 30 (zinc only) that is non-comedogenic, vegan formulated, paraben free, phthalate free, nano particle free, artificial fragrance free, non-eye irritating, not tested on animals, made in the US and highly rated by the Environmental Working Group. We used this during our recent trip to Turks and Caios and I loved how mild and gentle it was on my daughter's skin as it worked to protect her from the strong sun. It also gave off a mild scent that wasn't irritating. We also have an incredible discount where you can get 20% off your purchase of Block Island Organics by entering the code "momtrends" at checkout.

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