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So in the uh-oh category this week, I took matters into my own hands (complete with plastic gloves) and colored my hair. I only do this when I forget to make an appointment or when my schedule becomes a logistical nightmare. Since our daughter started summer vacation this week, it was a little of both.


I did pretty good overall. That is if you don’t count the inch section in the front of my hairline on the left. Right…there. Can you see it?

I’m not about to color my hair again to remedy my mistake. And since I didn’t notice it until I had used all the color formula, I’m sort of stuck.

You might say, “Wow…you have no idea how to color your hair.” I answer you with, “Wow...I have Wow, so it doesn’t matter.” Then I might stick my tongue at you, you just don’t know.

Color Wow Root Cover Up is a cool new way to cover your roots, with more control than that of a typical hair powder. This brush-on powder looks like a large palate of brow powder, complete with a dual brush. The professional styling compound adheres to hair without being sticky or oily and without dulling. I just apply it to my hair roots (word of warning: avoid getting too close to your scalp because it can cause major brown spots that are tough to reverse). It’s also water-resistant, so I don’t worry about sweating at the gym, beach or walking the dog and ending with a trail of brown down my forehead

If you have the blonde highlights, you can also extend their life with the smaller of the two. brushes. I was just lamenting of my past hair choices--specifically two blonde streaks in the front that required constant upkeep that eventually led to their demise, as much as I did love them.

Each kit is enough for 60 applications, so you can definitely go from one pro color to the next. I bet I know what your reaction is now. Wow.

Color WOW is available for $34.50 at

Have you ever been so thirsty that no matter how much water you drink, you can’t seem to get enough? My hair feels your pain.

I returned from a little sand and sun Sunday and discovered that my hair, which I thought had taken on a sexy beachy chunky textured look, was actually a brittle mess. Seemingly nothing could hydrate this wretchedly dry and crackly bird's nest. So much for sexy.

After I washed out the sand and sun, I sprayed on Tibolli’s Moisture Lust I let it air-dry and voila! My hair was again alive, not a bird in sight.

This silky mist delivers a light hydration that also strengthens your hair with every spray. The trick is the Trioxxy ingredient, a combination of keratin proteins that replenish hair from the inside out. It's like a tall drink of water for your locks in their time of need, as it offers nourishment and builds resilience.

What I like about this product is that the gentle mist covers a ridiculously large range, lightly covering almost your entire head with one hydrating blast. So bring on the beach and the drying sun. I've found a way to quench the thirst.

Tibolli's Moisture Lust is available at hair salons across the country.

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