Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty

With Summer approaching there have been a lot of new and exciting beauty products on the market that I have had the chance to learn about at some press events. From options for skincare to bodycare to hair care systems, here are a few of my favorite new items on the market that may just enhance your summer beauty rountine.

1. Acne Clearing Scrub: Bioré has been known for years for their pore-clogging products. They recently launched the Acne Clearing Scrub, a micro-scrub that targets the deep down dirt and oil that can cause acne without disturbing skin’s natural moisture balance without irritating or over-drying. Featuring Skin Purifying Technology, the cleanser contains Superfine Alumina Crystals that provide ultra smooth exfoliationwithout any irritation. With promises to have skin "visibly clearer and healthier" in 24 hours and availability at your local drugstore, this cleaner is definitely worth a try.

2. Clairol Root Touch-Up: Motherhood has brought me many joys, but it has also increased the onset of gray hairs. I don't have them all over, which is why a product like the Clairol Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy is ideal for me. As the first root maintenance product to mass market, Nice ‘n Easy continues to help women erase their roots and grays, restoring color confidence in just 10 minutes and lasting up to three weeks and provides 100% gray coverage.

They also recently updated their design and now offer a wider brush and oval mixing bowl in response to women’s desire for an easier DIY application process. While trying this out, I loved how the wider brush area doubles as a mixer for the formula, allows for a faster application to roots, hairline and temples. The brush’s styling tip encourages easier parting and separating of the hair. There is also a sturdier tray that allows for easy mixing without the fear of having the product tip over!

3. New Dial Coconut Water Body Wash: A few weeks ago I told you all about how my daughters' loved the new Dial for Kids line. They also launched a new scent for women with their Dial Coconut Water Body Wash. As a huge coconut water fan, I was excited for this new formulation that is designed to offer 'ultra-fresh hydration.' The product not only cleans the skin, but it leaves it feeling hydrated, moisturized and soft.

4.Eden Allure Argan Oil: There has been a lot of rage for Argan Oil, and as someone with sensitive skin I was really eager to try it out and see how it could benefit my skin. I had the chance to try out Eden Allure, a skin care line based exclusively off exotic Moroccan Argan oil. This includes a line that is high in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that has been wonderful for moisturizing and preventing free radical damage to the skin. After using it for about a month I am amazed at how it has left my skin smooth and silky as well as refreshed thanks to the use of no harsh ingredients.

5. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant: Even though it will soon be summer, stresses are still rampant. I try not to let that overtake me, but it can be challenging with all that life has to offer. The Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant is designed to help you stay protected from stress by fights all three causes of sweat – including the worst smelling kind, stress sweat. This is thanks to Secret’s patented BCD technology uses odor-neutralizing molecules to trap odor, lock it away and then replace the odor with a fresh scent to keep you smelling clean and fresh.

6.LIFTLAB Mommy Multi-Tasking Skin Care Renewal System: It is not always easy to take care of the skin. A new luxurious and time-saving dup is hoping to help busy moms thanks to their PURIFY & CLARIFY™ Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask and LIFT & FIRM™ Eye Cream. These innovative formulas are powered with LIFTLAB’s exclusive patented Cell Protection Proteins that offers ultimate in deep cleaning, skin-renewing, damage-reversing, intensely moisturizing anti-aging benefits.

7. Gillette Venus & Olay Razor: Get smooth legs this summer with no knicks thanks to the interchangeable Venus Razor that features 5-blad technology as well as Olay to lock in moisture. We love this since you don't need any separate shaving cream and it has a supergrip and a shower holder to make it easier to house in-between uses.

 Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given some samples.

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