Stylish Laptop Cases

Laptop Cases

That picture is my office - my office today, that is. I think it's pretty powerful since it allows me to work wherever I want. Usually this brings me to a local coffeeshop or if I'm in the city on a meeting it means a local Starbucks or hotel, but generally it brings me to the comfort of my home where I plow through emails and assignments.

MUJJO Covers
MUJJO Covers
MUJJO Covers

Since my work takes me on-the-go, I need to make sure that my computer is always well protected. Recently, I have been using Mujjo's Macbook Air Cases to protect my computer.

As a Dutch designer label for mobile accessories, they offer a collection of cases for that combine "minimalism with long-lasting elegant accents." This includes two-toned cases (in either a white sleeve with the grey body or a brown one with a dark grey body) as well as cases that are made by hand using high-quality materials! This incredible craftsmanship reflects on the cases that are extremely durable thanks to the use of wool felt that is both strong and soft to the touch. The actual flap is made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather and made using environmentally friendly dyes - making it easy to clean as well as being water resilient.

Touchscreen Gloves

They also sell wallets and touchscreen gloves with some of our favorite products being the iPhone 5 Wallet in Brown, the Galaxy S3/S4 Wallet in White, the iPad Mini Sleeve in Brown, and the Touchscreen Gloves in Natural Gray or Pink.

Whether you have work on-the-go or travel a lot, these sleek protective cases are designed to take care of your hardware in the style.

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