Style Thief: Innovative New Fashion App

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Satisfying the universal desire to know the provenance of a piece of fashion and “Steal the Look,” Style Thief has officially launched as an innovative mobile app that transforms the frustration of What is she wearing? or Where did he get that? into the joy of Wow... I found it and bought it!

Style Thief App

Fast, fun and convenient, Style Thief lets consumers use their mobile devices like a private eye and professional shopper rolled into one. It utilizes advanced photo recognition technology to identify similar fashion from virtually any source – on a stranger walking down the street, on a rack in a store, in the pages of a magazine, even in a favorite fashion blog or anywhere else on the web – allowing users to easily browse and buy it.

Style Thief App

How it works is Style Thief begins with taking a photo, or a screen shot, of a desired item (users can also manually type a product description). Add search filters such as price range, size, color, texture, brand and/or retailer. Then its photo recognition engine crawls millions of products from an ever-growing database of nearly 400 retailers, from discount to high-end. Browse the best matches, which may be the exact same item or similar items. Favorites can be saved in case something is out of stock, or if users want to be notified of a sale. Otherwise, desired items can be immediately purchased online or by finding the closest local brick-and-mortar retailer. Users can also click “Offers,” a supercharged flash sales tool allowing users to input a category, price and timeframe and get access to products as much as 80% off.

As the brainchild of Los Angeles native Samantha Russ, who became an e-shopping devotee while going to school in the freezing Midwest. She became frustrated by looks she saw but couldn’t identify at shows like New York and Paris Fashion Week, she fleshed out an idea, secured financing, engaged tech support, and eventually partnered with fellow fashion aficionado Kate Bosworth after meeting through a mutual friend.

Bosworth also successfully launch subscription-based e-commerce company JewelMint and who also brought her design prowess to a collaboration with British fashion powerhouse TOPSHOP. “Style Thief is a groundbreaking tool that will transform the way consumers search and shop fashion. Everyone can identify with wardrobe envy – that urge to ‘steal the look” from a friend, a stranger, or an editorial in a magazine. Now you��literally can by utilizing Style Thief,” says Bosworth. “With the ubiquity of mobile smart devices and advancements in technology, the dream of ‘stealing’ fashion that fits our own personal style is now possible.”

The app is available for free initially in the iTunes store (, compatible for iOS, with future plans for Android and other platforms. 

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