New Study: Back to School Shopping Stresses Both Parents & Kids

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Did you know that more than half of American parents (66 percent) and children (68 percent) are stressed out by back to school shopping?, a website devoted to online cash back shopping, recently shared these results from their 2013 Back to School Survey that found traditional back to school shopping at physical stores is stressful for a majority of parents and children., Ebates, back to school

Parents cited several reasons that traditional back to school shopping is stressful, including limited time and availability to shop (30 percent), finding a deal on "name brand" items (26 percent), managing demands of children who want to be trendy (27 percent), disagreeing with children on budget (23 percent), and managing demands for items not related to school (21 percent).

Students between the ages of 12 - 17 listed the top reasons back to school shopping stressed them out:

  • Arguing with parents about buying items not directly related to school - 36 percent
  • Disagreeing with parents on how much to spend - 29 percent
  • Disagreeing with parents on fashion/style choices - 27 percent
  • Purchasing desirable brands - 22 percent
  • Disagreeing with parents on which stores to shop at - 18 percent

The survey also found that children and parents had different opinions when it came to choosing what to buy for starting the new school year. Students ranked clothing as the number one back to school item on their wish list (60 percent). The next popular choice was new shoes (54 percent), followed by tech gadgets, including a laptop (44 percent), smartphone (36 percent), and tablet/e-reader (28 percent).

Parents have a different and more traditional list of priority items:

  • Paper notebooks 53 percent
  • Clothes - 50 percent
  • Backpack - 48 percent
  • No. 2 pencils - 47 percent
  • Shoes - 44 percent
  • Books - 41 percent

Tech gadgets, such as laptop (17 percent), tablet/e-reader (5 percent), smartphone (4 percent), and iPod/mp3 player (3 percent) ranked lowest in importance for parents. When asked how much money they would spend on back to school shopping, 38 percent of adults said they would spend over $100.

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