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Staying Warm with the Secret Sweater

Secret Sweater Review

We just discovered a new way to stay warm. Layers are key and one of our favorite ways to do is with the Secret Sweater. This little sweater packs a punch in warmth as you can both hide it under your jacket or wear it as is.

Secret Sweater
Secret Sweater

Designed as a cardigan, the Secret Sweater serves as a smart option to protect your body from the cold as a layer to an event or at work as well as to function as a piece that you wear all on its own to the gym or the grocery store.Its innovative design makes it a stylish piece for adding a touch of warmth when worn over dresses and tees, while also ensuring it remains demure enough to hide under a blazer or work coat.

This includes 3/4 length sleeves, a body length that hits at the waist for the optimum range of movement, and a cut away front enabling it to "hide" when necessary, it's the perfectly portable size for taking on-the-go. Available in either black or ivory, they also comes with its own storage bag for toting in purses, briefcases, or airplane carry-ons.

Created by Katherine Noyes Arnemann who decided to bring it to market after spending years working in all facets of the industry. From design, to product development, to production roles in large and small retailers in New York and San Francisco, the Secret Sweater is a great option to saying warm while also looking stylish.

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